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POKE HEAAVVVEEEN | Went to lunch with @meikoami :) Delicious poke, spicy tuna, and spicy crab. (at Yoshino)

ALCOHOL IN A CARTON | This is specially flown in from Tahiti. Woot.

MIA | It’s OUT - D3: RoS :D See you later RL.

GREAT THURSDAY | Trying out this new beer, watching Grimm, and packing for this weekend. Good Thursday!

FREE TUESDAY | One brother and I decided to check out the exhibits - Guitar and Pirates. No photos allowed for Pirates though. (at Balboa Park)

KINDA COOKING | My second attempt at 부추전. Wooo :)

DELICIOUS PILLOWS OF GOODNESS | Just found a place in San Diego that makes outstanding beignets. Now to come back and eat real food here. (at Bud’s Louisiana Cafe)

LOOKING TO THE SKIES | I love the clouds in San Diego after it rains. These clouds had a brilliant oil painting quality to them. To bad this picture doesn’t do it justice. (at San Diego, California)

UBE PANCAKES | Pancakes, longanisa, and eggs. Ohhh yeahh… (at Ninong’s Pastries & Cafe)

10K GO! | Running my first 10k at Disneyland :) (at Tinker Bell 10K Start Line)