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ALE | Hanging out with Mona, Clarence, and Dipan at Blind Lady Ale House. (at Blind Lady Ale House)

ARE YOU READY?! | Ohh yeaahhhh…

FLIMSY CONE OF SHAME | Remy sitting in my lap acting cute for the camera.

ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS | Bourbon, writing, and Doctor Who, showing part of one of my favorite quotes from the series.

LIKE A PAINTING | The sunsets in San Diego were beautiful today!

WISE WORDS | Saw this on a wall in Portland while on the Eastbank walk.

LOVE THE DETAILS | Hahahaha. I didn’t even notice the little note at the bottom till tonight - so awesome.

TREK IN THE PARK | This is pretty funny and cool :)

♡ | ♡

LEFTOVER SCULPTURE | Spold mac n’ cheese in a swan foil sculpture. (at Le Bistro Montage)